Type of work

Renovation and interior design after damage

Year of achievement


Imagine yourself walking into a lounge-style restaurant, where the harmonious fusion of cuisine and mixology intertwines with a festive ambiance.

This is where the client dreamed of a bohemian cabin that is both comforting and lively, a dream beautifully realized by a talented interior designer. The interior of the restaurant, once ordinary, has been transformed into a peaceful haven by the seaside. The walls, painted in soothing beige tones, are punctuated by raw wood structures, evoking a warm and welcoming cabin.

Imagine taking a seat at one of these raw wood tables, the black base contrasting strikingly and highlighting the authenticity of the wood. Your eyes are drawn to the photocall wall, adorned with the restaurant’s logo, which perfectly complements the rustic theme.

The experience doesn’t end indoors. Outside, comfortable armchairs and sofas invite relaxation, extending the lounge ambiance onto the terrace. The interior designer did not choose these furniture pieces by chance; they are a conscious reminder of the comforting spirit of the design.

However, the true triumph of this design lies in how it brings the outdoors inside. Touches of stabilized vegetation scatter the space, including the trumpet vine, a typical orange flower of the region. It climbs up the walls, winds around the pergola and the hive, and blooms in the arch, bringing a touch of nature to every corner.

And finally, the hive. This choice is not just aesthetic but also symbolic. The hive evokes the idea of gathering, of a friendly and warm space. It perfectly captures the essence of this project: the creation of a place where you feel not only welcome but also at home.