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An Interior Design and Architecture Agency...

The Interior Architecture Agency was founded in Corsica in 2008, a land of contrasts and inspiration for its founders. Since its beginnings, the agency stands out for its creativity, professionalism, and passion for interior architecture, design, and decoration. Thanks to several years of experience in renovating, redesigning, and decorating prestigious residences, villas, and upscale apartments, the agency has developed a unique expertise in creating luxurious and personalized spaces.

The interior architecture agency is led by a team of competent and passionate professionals. The team composed of architects, interior architects, decorators, and designers, is able to meet the most demanding requests of its clients. Thanks to their expertise and experience, they are able to carry out the most ambitious projects within the given deadlines.

Since moving to Nice on the French Riviera in 2017, the agency has continued to grow and establish its reputation as a reference in luxury interior architecture.

Moreover, with this continuous recognition, the agency has recently moved to new offices in Mougins, near Cannes and Antibes, to meet its expansion needs..

Whether it is for the design, creation, or realization of interior architecture projects, the agency puts its expertise and know-how at the service of its clients. The agency's interior architects work closely with the clients to create elegant, and functional spaces, always unique in their kind.

The agency specializes in creating personalized and luxurious living spaces, either for primary or secondary residences, prestigious hotels, or upscale restaurants. Its personalized and tailor-made approach allows for meeting the specific needs of each client, combining functionality, aesthetics, and comfort.

Design and interior layout are the key words of the agency. The team strives to create harmonious and refined spaces by working on volumes, light, materials, and colors. Each project is an opportunity to demonstrate its expertise in interior architecture and decoration by creating unique and elegant living spaces.

The Interior Architecture Agency is a reference in luxury interior design. Its expertise, know-how, and creativity make it a preferred partner for all interior design and decoration projects. Whether you need design, creation, or realization, the agency puts everything in place to offer you results that meet your expectations.

Our team

Office management

Clotilde HERMAN
CEO & Artistic Director
Dominique JANDIN
Executive assistant

Interior designer

Déborah DUPRAT
Project Manager
Interior Designer
Alexandre LANSON
Interior Designer


Romain ARNAL
Architecture & Design manager

Works coordination

Works coordination manager

The CORE values of our Interior Design and Architecture agency:


Our interior design and architecture agency specializes in designing, creating, and realizing high-end interior design projects. Our team of talented architects and decorators is driven by a common passion for creating elegant, functional, and above all authentic spaces. We put our expertise in design, decoration, and interior renovation at the service of our clients to offer them a tailor-made result that reflects their vision and lifestyle. We cultivate a collaborative approach with our clients and are committed to offering them an exceptional project experience, where integrity and benevolence are at the heart of our approach.



The team highlights its expertise, professionalism, and dynamism with rigor to achieve a level of excellence in the realization of luxury projects. We are aware that each project is unique and must be approached in a unique way with a different vision each time. We make it a point of honor to demand the best for our clients, whether it is for materials or furniture that will be selected specifically for each project!


The French luxury...

... is the perfect combination of elegance, sense of service, excellence, and a touch of originality. It means upholding these values even on the other side of the planet, meeting the most demanding expectations, and taking care of each and every customer. Highlighting tailor-made interiors, the agency aims to amaze every individual. Creating a completely different atmosphere and environment for each project is what drives us, and seeing a client's face light up as they discover the result of our work is priceless!

The French luxury...